Sharpener Jar – Measure Your Creativity

Measuring your creative output on a daily basis, the Sharpener Jar gives you quantifiable data for work done, in the form of pencil shavings.

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Available Since January 2014

You're So Creative, And How!

How Creative Are You Today?

You don’t need to be a pencil-wielding designer with a sketchbook in hand, to be qualified as a creative person. Your culinary skills, work skills, parenting skills or even being a student - can define you as a creative person. The question is how will you measure the productive output for the day? Simple…just use the Sharpener Jar. The shavings tell the story of your efforts, even if there's nothing final to show for the time spent. This measurable "creative data" proves to colleagues, employers, friends, family, and—most importantly—yourself that work was accomplished, useful or not.

Excellent Measure!

The satisfaction of knowing you had a productive day is the ultimate high that anyone can get. It’s like an endorphin rush that makes you all happy. The good thing about this Sharpner Jar is that it can be used by anybody; there is no limits or restrictions. Moreover, the jar full of beautiful pencil shavings makes for an excellent conversation piece. You actually have something tangible to show for, at the end of a long productive day. We like the way designer Craighton sums it up, “You can see it as an aesthetically interesting object that celebrates the aesthetic of the pencil shaving. You can use it as a manual pencil sharpener that will never get lost in your desk drawer.”

Inspire To Create.

The Sharpener Jar is designed to quantify creative output; in all honestly. It is a simple and authentic way of showcasing your day in measurable terms. So after hours spent in the kitchen over a hot stove or a busy afternoon at the office, you can unwind by making some notes in your diary. Of course you use the accompanying pencils and sharpen the point with the Sharpener and then get to the writing! As a desktop accessory, you can use numerous jars filled and sealed with the pencil shavings as a mark of your accomplishments.

Craighton Berman Studio

Designer Craighton Berman hit upon the idea of the Sharpener Jar when teaching a design sketching class. “While critiquing a student’s work it was evident there was a lot of effort, but not much result, the idea of measuring creative effort by saving pencil shavings emerged in my mind.” In essence, this project is also a commentary on the current obsession with the quantified self and the rise of rhetoric about creativity in big business.

Key Features:

  • Canning jar and laser cut aluminium lid made in USA.
  • The pencil sharpener made in Germany and assembled in USA.
  • Includes 3 ironic pencils.
  • Measurements: 3 x 3 x 5 inches.