Digital Destruction Watch

$140.00 USD $113.00 USD

by: Ross McBride

Digital Destruction is an unisex watch measuring 38mm in diameter. It is available in three styles and displays time in a military style 24 hour format (ex. 22:00 = 10:00 pm). 

Time marches on. The old must make way for the new, but sometimes it does not go willingly as with the Digital Destruction Watch. Set in an analog body, the traditional mechanical dial seems to have shattered to make way for the digital LCD screen. The “crown” is actually a button that switches between time, second, and date modes, as well as activate the backlight. 

Diameter 38mm (1.50″)
Thickness 9.40mm (0.37″)
Styles -Black IP stainless steel on Black leather band
-Brushed stainless steel on Black leather band
-Brass colored stainless steel on Brown leather band