Nadir Watch

$130.00 USD

by: Damian Barton

Telling time could not be easier! With the Nadir, the arrow points to the time! As with a “traditional” watch, the smallest hand is the hour hand, followed by the next longer hand or the minute hand and finally the longest hand which is the second hand.

Nadir is the deepest point on a celestial sphere directly beneath a surface position. It indicates the profoundest depth which lies below. The Nadir watch never strays from the symbolic "core" of time itself. The varied thickness of arrows on the tips of hour, minute and second hands pinpoint the cycle of time on the dial centered underneath the lens. Time is the Nadir.

Height40mm (1.57")
Thickness8.8mm (0.35")
MaterialBlack IP Stainless Steel
Band20mm (3/4") Black Leather Band

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