Grenade Mug

$22.00 USD


This unique mug is a great conversation starter! While it replicates every detail of a grenade to perfection, the only thing that's going to explode is the flavor of your favorite coffee in your mouth!

What's also interesting is this porcelain made mug helps you keep your drink warm. All you need to do is simply close the lid! Whether you’ve got to gift a friend in the defense force, a boss with a short fuse, know a military buff or if you just have an appreciation for quirky coffee mugs – then the Grenade Mug is “da bomb”!

Material Porcelain
Size 4.1" x 3.7" x 6.7"
Volume 9.5 fl.oz. (280ml)

Microwavable - Please make sure to remove the metal pin on the lid.