Plug Battery Charger

$26.00 USD

by: Logos

A plug that charges your Apple devices without the electrical cable!

The Plug Charger can be recharged via USB outlets. To charge an Apple device, simply remove the plug cap to expose the connector that can be inserted directly into the Apple device for immediate charging of the battery. The portable size will also allow you to carry the unit around on your bag or keychain for use when you really need it outdoors.

Charges an iPod to approx. 100%  and an iPhone to approx. 30% of the battery capacity. Compatible with Apple 30-pin devices, such as iPhone 3/ 3GS/ 4/ 4S/ iPod/ iPad. Unit can be fully charged in approx. 3 hours.

Battery 800mAh Lithium Ion
Input 5.0V-1000mA
Output 5.2V-750mA
Includes USB Input Charging Cable / Portable Chain For Attachment

This product ships from the US.

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