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Sharpener Jar
Sharpener Jar
Sharpener Jar
Sharpener Jar
Sharpener Jar

Sharpener Jar

Sharpener Jar

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Sharpener Jar

Sharpener Jar $30.00 USD

By:Craighton Berman Studio

  • Description

    Now here is a great idea to measure your creative output! The Sharpener Jar can be used to sharpen your pencils as well as act as measurable data for work accomplished. We can expect the unexpected with this very useful creation!

    The pencil shavings tell the story of your efforts, even if there's nothing final to show for all the time spent thinking about that great creation coming to life! Use the pencil to write down your thoughts and shavings to represent your time well spent.

    When the jar fills to the top, the pencil shavings paint a pretty picture. It can be sealed and archived for future reference, or, can be displayed aesthetically on your desk or bookshelf!

    The Sharpener Jar originally measures creativity via the pencil shavings, but we think it’s a useful desktop accessory for anyone who wants to sharpen a pencil.

    Dimensions 3" x 3" x 5" (Approximately)
    Includes 3 Ironic Pencils

    Read how to quantify creativity with the Sharpener Jar!

    Sharpener Jar has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.

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