Sticko – the smallest, most portable phone mount

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  • Size Matters

    There is no denying the fact that we are a Smartphone generation, and we will probably stay that ways for a very long time. What this also means is that we carry our phone and tablets everywhere. And at times it becomes productive or necessary to mount our device – on the car dash, wall, refrigerator door etc – so that we can view it with ease. Sticko is a multi-purpose tiny gadget sticks onto almost any smooth surface. It is mainly a solution for a phone mount that is simple and can travel with you everywhere you go. The truth is, you can use it to mount different things like glasses, kitchen towels etc.

  • Design Matters

    When designer Boaz Zucker’s wife, Gal, surprised him one day with a phone mount for the car, he appreciated the functionality but not the design aesthetics or the versatility of the product. This led him to go back to the drawing board and come up with a mount that was small, simple-to-use and easy to carry around. After 10 months of developing, designing, and testing many different prototypes, finally Sticko was born.

  • Did you say Sticko

    Yes, Sticko! ! A gadget that is small in size but big in its benefits: Sticko can attach to any smooth surface and is flexible due to the suction cup material its made out of. Its flexibility allows for it to be attached to smooth surfaces that are not necessarily flat. The latest smartphone design features a curved face, making this innovative phone mount of the future of the phone-mount market! The biggest plus point is that it is made out of a special U.V. protected and heatproof material so it will stay strong even in the harshest conditions like a hot car in the middle of summer.

  • Sticko Studio

    The team behind Sticko is a committed bunch of people; they are a life changing, community-based Design & Innovation group. The team believes in making products that makes life better and as we can already see, the combines between what exists and what we need, very seamlessly. As their Founder Boaz puts it, “By creating & connecting with ‘users’ communities around the world and working together, we will be able to make a change in mass market production and succeed in… making the best solutions who seems so obvious.”

  • Key Features:

  • Safely in View: Keep your smart phone in sight at eye level and ready for GPS directions, streaming music, and hands-free calls. Eliminates fumbling searches, looking away from the road, and other unsafe behaviors.

  • Pocket potable: Weighing just 5-grams, Sticko is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket.
  • Design: The design uses four suction cups two on each side, which securely mounts Sticko onto any smooth surface (horizontal, vertical, and angled). Two plastic spacers add stability to your phone while driving.

  • Cables: Sticko allows easy access to audio cables, and power cords!

  • Simplicity: Sticko's simple, yet highly functional design does not require any car mount adhesives, magnets, or special cases.
  • Materials: Sticko uses the highest quality materials (suitable for hot summer days and cold winter nights)

  • Specs: Measurements: 0.74 x 0.55 x 0.03 " (19 x 14 x 45mm) Weight: 0.16 oz (5 g)