Enevu - Cube Mini Light (Splash-proof)

$29.90 USD
  • Enevu - Cube Mini Light (Splash-proof)


Enevu - Cube Mini Light (Splash-proof)

$29.90 USD

The CUBE is an incredibly versatile ultra-compact LED light source. It provides high functionality in a unique and simple design. From casting stylish mood lighting with infinite colors, to emitting powerful and pure white light, it can be used as anything from a lantern to a spotlight.

The small, battery-driven light in shape of a CUBE can do three white light settings (nightlight, med, max (100 lumens)) as well as color light (smooth changing and color light locking). And has an emergency flash function as well.

CUBE can brighten your life in various useful and fun ways. With a design optimized for simplicity and beauty, CUBE combines high performance and unmatched versatility with a timeless, minimalist aesthetic. A feat of engineering in a very small space, you'll want to carry it with you always.

Material ABS/TPR, PC, AS, custom stainless-steel screws
Batteries runs on 3 x AAA alkaline batteries
Weight 2.05" x 2.05" x 2.05"
Drop test up to 1m height

Other Features:

- optimized for highest energy efficiency

- provides 3 level of white light, up to impressive 100 lumens (night light, medium, max)

- offers smooth and slow color changing mode

- and you can lock your favorite color

- there's an emergency flash mode

- and a small hook to hang or stand CUBE (hidden in the battery lid)

- CUBE's base is splash-proof (IPX4), ideal for party, garden, camping and traveling

- the diffuser gives a very soft and glare-free light and is detachable

- without diffuser CUBE becomes a strong spot light and fits in every pocket

- it's operated via one-button intuitive control

- when you press the button 1x CUBE will go through the 5 modes click by click

- press the button 2x and CUBE will go backward through the modes, this way you can activate e.g. night light and switch off again w/o cycling through all the modes

- press the button 6 seconds to activate emergency flash

- CUBE also greatly illuminates other objects, like lampshades, lanterns etc., it's actually a great illumination module